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Major Shareholder


Major shareholder database
“Major shareholder database” provides shareholders’ information for all listed companies in Japan. Based on Toyo Keizai’s original survey, we give clients, at most, top 30 shareholders’ information.


Major shareholder database

(1) Top 30 shareholders’ information
Implementing original survey regularly, we could obtain at most top 30 shareholders’ information, while merely more or less top 10 info are listed up on annual reports.

(2) Supplementary information
Not only individual shareholder’ information, but, for example, the ratio of Foreigners’ shares, Executives’ shares or Investment trusts’ shares and other useful items are included.
Top 30 (at most) shareholders’ information for all listed companies in Japanese exchanges (there are some exceptions). Information at the end of latest settlement or 2nd quarter settlement are included.

Total number of Issued Shares, Floating Shares, Treasury Stock and shares held by Foreigners, Top 10 Shareholders, Executives, Investment Trusts, Pension trusts, Employee Stock Ownership Plan,

Data History
From 2002

Quarterly (March, June, September and December) update or Monthly update.

Data Delivery
Internet FTP or Media (CD-R)
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