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Toyo Keizai Fundamentals
Toyo Keizai Fundamentals provides comprehensive financial statements for all listed companies in Japan.


Toyo Keizai Fundamentals

With Toyo Keizai Fundamentals, you can:

(1) Analyze all listed companies in Japan.
Toyo Keizai Fundamentals covers all listed companies in Japan (excluding some companies).

(2) Gain detailed, standardized and accurate information timelessly.
We provide all items for annual and quarterly data from Tanshin and Yuho disclosure reports with daily update. We standardize various kind of items according to our own code so that users can analyze and compare companies’ fundamentals chronologically and cross-sectionally.

(3) Chose a channel.
According to your needs, you can choose the method whether to get database directly from Toyo Keizai or to utilize some information vendor.
All listed companies in Japan BOJ, Proffered stock, Foreign Stock, ETF, REIT, Subsidiary tracking stock and etc.

Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account, Cash Flow statement, Business Segment information, and some Note from “Tanshin” (flash report), “Yuho” (annual report) and “Shiho” (quarterly report)

Data History
Tanshin Data since 1985
Yuho Data since 1970’s

Daily update

Data Delivery
Internet FTP (GET or PUT)/ Venders feed (FactSet, S&P Global Market Intelligence, RIMES, Thomson Reuters)

Toyo Keizai Fundamentals Summary

This database has major items of financial results and valuations for listed companies in Japan, based on “Yuho” report.
Latest 11 fiscal years information are stored so that users can analyze companies for long term.
Moreover, industry average information are also recorded in this product. You can analyze each company within its industry.
File format
Text file

From FY 2005 (April 2005 to March 2006) to FY 2015 (April 2015 to March 2016)
(11 fiscal years)
*Historical data since FY 1990 (April 1990 to March 1991) are available with extra fee.

All listed companies in Japan and has released “Yuho” (there are several exceptions).

Major items in “Yuho” and several valiations which Toyo Keizai calculated.
1. Generals → Item List
2. Banks → Item List
3. Securities → Item List
4. Insurances → Item List
5. Life insurances → Item List

Data Delivery

Guide for purchasing
Annually in September (latest ver. was released on September 2016)

Price(not including consumption tax)
600,000 JPY
400,000 JPY(for academic researchers)
*Registered 1 user can use this product. If there will be some users, please contact to Database Sales Department.
*If you hope to use historical data, or to add latest record to olds, please contact to Database Sales Department.

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