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Toyo Keizai Estimates
Toyo Keizai Estimates provides comprehensive earnings estimate information for all listed companies in Japan based on the independent research by analysts in Toyo Keizai.


Toyo Keizai Estimates

With Toyo Keizai Estimate, you can:

(1) Gain “de fact standard” of earnings estimates data in Japan.
Toyo Keizai Estimates includes forecast information for all listed companies in Japan, based on the neutral and objective research. Forecast information for each company are up-dated at least four times per one year. For this reason, Toyo Keizai Estimates is regarded as a “de fact standard”. This data helps your accurate and stubborn analyzing.

(2) Analyze on a short-term and long-term basis.
Toyo Keizai Estimates contains estimation for not only current fiscal year but also next fiscal year and next interim settlement. So this data will bring you an elastic analysis.
All listed companies in Japane excluding BOJ, Preferred stock, Foreign Stock, ETF, REIT, Subsidiary tracking stock and etc.

Data History
Quarterly up-date since 1985
Weekly up-date since 1995
Daily up-date since 2001

Annual and interim estimates for items such as sales, operating income, current profit, net profit, EPS, and DPS

Weekly or Daily update

Data Delivery
Internet FTP (GET or PUT)/ Venders feed (FactSet, S&P Global Market Intelligence, RIMES, Thomson Reuters. Some vendors can not adapt for daily update)
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