ToyoKeizai database service supports your business
and academic research.



Toyo Keizai provides services to meet a wide array of needs for business and research, such as corporate analysis, creating a marketing strategy, writing papers.

  • Fundamentals
    Companies’ fundamentals information (BS, PL, CF and others) database, covering all listed companies in Japan.
  • Estimate
    Earnings forecast information database covering all listed companies in Japan, and based on Toyo Keizai’s original survey.
  • Major Shareholder
    Shareholder’s information (at most Top 30) for all listed companies in Japan, based on Toyo Keizai’s original survey and published reports.
  • Business Segment
    Database for listed companies’ business segment information, based on published reports or extracted from “Shikiho”.
  • Foreign companies
    Database about outline of foreign companies in Japan, including more than 3,000 companies' profile.
  • Overseas Japanese companies
    Database for overseas Japanese companies, inculding outline of both overseas affiliated companies and their parent companies in Japan.
  • CSR
    Largest database for Japanese Corporate Social Responsibility, based on our questionnaire survey.
  • JCH
    Database of JCH, the English version "Shikiho", includes a wide variety of listed companies.
  • Information Vendors
    For the use of Toyo Keizai database on Information Vendors' services, only Fundamentals and Estimate are available.



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